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Grilled peppers

Our grilled peppers in oil have a great aroma and taste, and are ideal as a ready to serve starter or as an appetizing side dish to accompany meat such as chicken or fresh cheese. Perfect also as a pizza topping or to create fantastic sandwiches and appetizers

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Grilled Mushrooms

Our plump, full grilled mushrooms are grown in Italy and marinated in sunflower oil, garlic, and herbs for a rich, tasty flavour.
Particularly appropriate as a delicious appetizer or an original side dish.
Perfect for roast lamb and venison.

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Grilled Artichokes

Our  grilled mushrooms are obtained by grilling, canning and pasteurizing, in sunflower oil, herbs and spices mushrooms whole.
Particolarly appropriate for  delicious appetizer or as a original side dish , great for roast lamb and venison.

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Dried Tomatoes

Our dried tomatoes are a typical Mediterranean speciality, which are acidified with vinegar and preserved in sunflower oil and herbs.
Particularly appropriate as a delicious appetizer, a healthy side dish, or as tasty finger food, adding a touch of originality to your salads, and meat and fish dishes.

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Grilled Courgettes

All-natural courgettes, sliced, grilled, and preserved in sunflower oil, spices, and herbs. Great as a pizza topping or as an appetizer.
Particularly suitable as an original side dish whose flavour goes well with both fish and meat.

Grilled Eggplants

Salt, oil, vinegar and, of course, aubergines. These ingredients are essential and so must be of superior quality. The vegetables themselves, the flavourings and the way they are cooked are all carefully selected by Istà in order to obtain the flavour of homecooked grilled aubergines. Ideal for "Parmigiana" recipe.

Green Grilled Olives

These olives have a tasty grilled aroma and meaty texture. A versatile ingredient for the modern cuisine

Grilled Quarters artichokes

The unmistakable taste of pure all-natural artichokes cooked in the most natural
way. The characteristics of the best quality heads (leaves still clinging firmly to the heart,
round shape, superb consistency) can all be savoured in Istà grilled artichokes.

Semi-sundried tomatoes

Our semi-sundried tomatoes are plump and velvety smooth with an intense flavour and colour. They are marinated in aromatic herbs and are ready-to-use.

Borretane onions in balsamic vinegar of Modena

The best onions are combined with the world reknowned balsamic vinegar of Modena to create an irresistible marriage of delicate flavours. This vegetable side dish goes perfectly with meat based dishes.

Sweet Drop Peppers

These sweet and spicy mini peppers in the shape of a water drop. The special vegetable is unique in form, taste, colour, and versatility. The droplets can be used in salads, on pizza's, or in pasta's. They can also be served separately with an aperitif.

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The meaning of ISTÁ brand was born to identify the richest season of the year: the Summer. Thanks to our land we are bearers of a strong and humble farming reality. The efficiency of our processes meets market needs, safeguarding the genuine nature of farming.


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